"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Top Content of 2006

Since I now have at least one full year of content under my belt, I can now post the stats for the past year....

  1. Pomegranate Martini
  2. Jeweled headphones
  3. Exploding Peeps!
  4. Top 10 Lip Balms
  5. Peep Skirt
  6. Oklahoma Debut of Pork Chop Express
  7. Carver One Three-Wheeled Vehicle
  8. Download your next camera
  9. Keep the George - Lose the Bush
  10. Kat Von D

Strangely enough two of the items included my favorite non-food food item, Peeps. Hmmmm..... I wonder what I should blog more about in 2007?

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Harry Potter 7

Harry Potter 7 book title has been announced. Now if only the book were out...

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Super size your Wii

This is definitely too cool!

I just wish I had access to a movie theater before/after hours to try this out.

Found on Kottke

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Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night

Traveled home from Utah this morning via a short delay at the Las Vegas airport. Had some early Christmas dinner with friends to celebrate the holiday a little more. Now it is definitely time for a long winter's nap. I very much need to get some sleep tonight before going back to work tomorrow.

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Twas the Night Before Christmas

Peace Wreath We spent Christmas Eve with the family opening gifts and engaging in the usual chit-chat of our youth. The neices and nephews really got a kick out of seeing my sisters and I talk about how their grandma has changed over the years. She went from being a fairly strict parent to being a very lenient grandmother (as happens to most parents). There was no bickering that occured during the evening - even among the kids (it was complete peace).

Photo is of the Denver peace wreath and was found on CNN

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Just winging it

Wingers Today was a good day to do a little Christmas Shopping at the local stores. We checked out the mall (among about a million other places). We didn't pack much in the way of Christmas gifts since security has been so tight at the airport, so we decided to do most of our shopping in Utah. We also checked out a few of the local sights in the snow. We stopped to eat at Wingers - a cute little diner in Provo.

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Everybody must get sconed

Sconecutter Had a business meeting with one of the Silicon Desert companies which went just great. I was taken on a tour of a great company and we were able to talk shop for a couple of hours before I needed to meet the family for lunch. I will definitely consider them as a potential vendor in the very near future.

Lunch with the family was at one of my very favorite Utah restaurants, the Bamboo Hut. Every time I go to Utah it is one of the first places that I want to go to eat. I just love their teriyaki chicken and rice – although they put peas in their rice this time which just seems wrong! The restaurant is Hawaiian and is only open for about 4 hours a day. They used to be located in a small building just off of the BYU campus and the lines could reach lengths of about two city blocks. Now they are located in a larger building in a strip mall off of University Parkway. We stuffed ourselves with melt-in-your-mouth chicken and rice and noodles until we could barely move. Then we spent some time in the local mall to walk off the lunch.

Evening time was spent with the family for dinner after a quick trip to the Starbucks for more coffee. Discussion with the many nieces and nephews consisted whether the Nintendo DS Lite is better than the Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP). Personally, I like both of them it just depends on which games I want to play. I am one of those weird people who buy video game systems for the games and not for the system (which is why I haven’t bought a Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) – no games yet). However, I took the stance with the nephews that the NDS is better because it comes in pink – and for the life of me I can’t figure out why they didn’t think that was a good reason :-).

The drive back to the hotel was punctuated by a detour to the Sconecutter where they have the world’s best scones and fry sauce (note: the fry sauce does not go on the scones – it goes on their very delicious seasoned fries). Our order consisted of scones (honey-butter and cinnamon), seasoned fries (with fry sauce), and a couple of milks with which to wash everything down. Some people have argued that Arctic Circle has the best fry sauce, but they just don’t know what they’re talking about.

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Merrily we roll along

Flew out this morning with what seemed to be the entire military population of Fort Sill which was pretty neat. I have always preferred to fly Southwest Airlines and today was no exception as they were just as sweet as they could be and they honored the military guys and gals almost every time they got a hold of an overhead microphone. This little bit of support for the troops was enough to make the very early morning flight worthwhile.

As for the afternoon – I spent it in bed. Between the late night packing, the early morning flights, and lack of liquids/food; I ended up with one doozey of a migraine. Because of the migraine, I didn’t call my mother when we landed. I did call her as soon as I was feeling human again. Overall, all I can say is thank the pharmaceutical researchers for Zomig – the only reason I was able to be up and walking again within hours after that particular migraine.

The evening required a side trip to locate somewhere to obtain drinkable coffee. This, in the past, has been a feat of skill. It is not even something that you can ask the locals about as the majority of them do not drink coffee – so they MAY be able to point you in the direction of somewhere that has coffee, but they cannot tell you whether it is palatable. Thankfully, Starbucks has now opened up a location or two in the Utah County area and one within 5 miles of the hotel. Coffee was definitely a requirement before going over to spend some quality family time.

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Home away from home

Fry Sauce PinI am so excited! Tomorrow morning (a little too bright and early for my night owl preferences) I am leaving for the fairly cold climate of Utah (where I used to live and most of my family still does). Going to spend some time with family and tour some of the businesses in the Silicon Desert. I have not been to the land of the greatest snow on earth since they were getting ready for the 2002 Winter Olympics – and since I did not return to Utah during the Olympics, I was not able to snag a Fry Sauce or Green Jell-O™ pin. However, I am anticipating being able to sample both of the tasty concoctions that inspired the pins while in Utah for the Holiday.

I will be taking my laptop with me and I anticipate being able to post a bit here and there about how the trip is going.

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Lesbian Charter

It seems that the The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken, she also created Barb Wire - but we won't hold that against her for now, has decided that it is high time that the well-referenced chart on the The L Word become a reality on the Internet. She has let the cat out of the bag and soon all lesbian can chart who and how many encounters they have in common. The site is called Our Chart and is scheduled to go live in January. The guys can roll their tounges back into their heads as the site is just for lesbians.

The L Word season 4 is set to premiere Sunday, January 7, 2007, at 10PM ET/PT on Showtime.

As found on c|net news and here is their original article.

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Maybe my next camera

Fujifilm Z5fd I am looking at this camera as a potential replacement for my current one. I don't really need a new digital camera, but this Fujifilm Finepix Z5fdis just too cute.

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A little harmless nutcracking

Lady Nutcrackers

Hey what better way to crack nuts than to squeeze them between the thighs of a woman or two? I am sure I can find about twenty men that would just line up for this kind of treatment.....

These nutcrackers can be purchased at Pylones. I found the original link on Neatorama

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Apple Lisa - reborn (sorta)

A great (if you can get through the first few minutes of dialog) YouTube video that was previously aired on cable access - you get to see the Lisa in action.

Found on Digg

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Chatting it up

Before I start this let me clarify one small detail... I have never called a phone chat line. However, I have often wondered while watching those chat commercials whether 1) the people that were on the line were clients or contractors 2) if they were really female/male (depending on which type of chat line you called). Apparently I was right to wonder about these two little items. I found this interesting little job ad on craigslist OKC: "Fantasy phone line. Female sounding voices wanted for primarily male clients." I just love the fact that they are looking for "female sounding clients" - that is just priceless.

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Cold for the soul

I made a decision before the cold weather hit to NOT winterize and store my motorcycle this year. The only drawback to this decision is the fact that my bike must be started at least once a week (or so) to keep everything running in tip top shape. I didn't regret this decision in the slightest until today which was when I decided the bike must be ridden or risk all sorts of nasty little mechanical issues later. Needless to say - I completely froze my butt off just going around the block. Next year I think I may seriously consider winterizing the bike.

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Sleepy watch

The Sleep Tracker watch I ordered arrived today. I'll let you know how things work out over the next couple of weeks.

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My kind of luggage tags

Luggage Tags These tags come just in time for my holiday travel. I will need to get a few for my luggage before setting off to not much warmer climates to visit family. The last time I traveled, I didn't have anything to easily distinguish my suitcase from the 10 million or so others that came shooting out of the baggage carousel. This time it will be different!

They come in a set of six, each one saying something different:
  • Careful: my shoes are inside.
  • I'm pretty sure this isn't your bag.
  • Nothing worth stealing in here.
  • Open with caution: dirty clothes inside.
  • This is my bag.
  • This is not your suitcase.

Found on Wishing Fish

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Belkin Wireless USB Hub

Wireless USB Hub Finally, a USB hub without wires. I swear, I have more USB devices connected to my laptop than even the most gadget-savvy girl should have. As a matter of fact I have a grand total of three hubs currently connected to my computer (the most recent one having 7 ports). It seems like when they invented the USB, they forgot that there were actually any other alternatives out there.

As found on Gizmodo

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Watching you sleep

SleepTracker Watch As creepy as it may sound at first blush, I still went ahead and took a second look at this product. It is a watch that monitors your sleep and then finds the best time to wake you up based on your chosen time to wake up. According to the SLEEPTRACKER® website:
"SLEEPTRACKER® continuously monitors signals from your body that indicate whether you are asleep or awake. Because you wear SLEEPTRACKER® on your wrist like a watch, its internal sensors can detect even the most subtle physical signals from your body. SLEEPTRACKER® finds your best waking moments, so that waking up has never been easier."
Since I have spent most of my life struggling with the fact that the I am a night owl (previous post about this here) but the work world is set for those most alert in the daytime, I think that this watch may be something that would help me. As a matter of fact I went ahead and put in the order for one of these - I'll keep you posted on my progress.

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Harmless Disasters

This is definitely something that I didn't think would be funny. It is not my kind of humor to to laugh at things being destroyed. However, apparently I was completely wrong about myself because I found the Netdisaster site as hilarious. You type in your favorite (or not so favorite) URL, choose the disaster (and maybe some other options), and click "Go!" to see the destruction begin. My most favorite was the demonstration feature where I protested my own website.

Found on Random Good Stuff

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Snow Days

Oklahoma has been cold, snowy, icy and generally nasty, weatherwise. So what exactly do you do when you would rather not go outside? Make phone calls, surf the Internet, blog, and/or watch movies. I have done a little of all of them over the past fews days. First I called my mother on the phone - she pretty much laughed at us Okies for the almost complete shut-down of our state due to what she called a "little bit of snow". She lives in Utah where a 12 inches of snow barely slows them down. So I decided no more phone calls to people with typically colder climate for the day and did a little Internet surfing instead. In between it all I have watched some movies from my DVD collection - here is the list:

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Totally Toasted

Toast Printer It is a toaster and a printer all in one. I think it is the perfect answer for that same old dreary toast. And as always, toast is best eaten while listening to Toast by Heywood Banks and in case you were interested here are the lyrics.

The design is from the London Design Festival 2006 - no word on whether you could actually purchase one or not.

Link found originally on Neatorama.

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