"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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R2D2 takes a second job

What does an old droid do after saving the galaxy and starring in hit movies? Go to work at the post office.

You can find various mailboxes dressed up like the likable robot all around the US. I found not one, but two mailboxes in Norman, Oklahoma.

The Star Wars site has a little more information on all this.

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Link Collection 3

I collect links. I collect a lot of links. The links end up on scraps of paper, post it notes, legal pads, and various other surfaces around the house and office. These are links that I either intend to blog about or just want to research a little further. Some of the links are just collected as cool looking websites, without any regard to content. Some of the sites have a wonderful business model. Regardless of the reason for the collecting of the link by the time I get back to the links, I have forgotten the reason I collected it in the first place. Since I don't generally do much more with them than collect, I thought it would be best to just start posting them as a list of links that I can find later or someone else can blog about. More than likely, there won't be any more information about them than the link.

There is no particular order to these links. There is no rhyme or reason to them. And there definitely is no real reason for listing them here other than those stated above.

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Smoking hot art

Smoke as Art Dave Barstow has some amazing photographs. My favorites though are his "smoke as art" ones. Of those, I really love the "Pastel Passion" - A Fantasy in Smoke.

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Unbelievably funny!!

At the risk of losing my geek status, I will admit to having to look up a couple of the terms. However, I did find a great list

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Lego my Eggo

Lego Eggs Lego egg art and what appears to be radioactive Easter grass - a combination I just can't resist!

Happy Easter!!

Found on Make Blog you can see the whole Make pool here

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Peep Madness

Ultimate Peep Show Pioneer Press had their fourth annual Peeps Diorama contest. First Place went to an entry titled "Run Silent, Run Peep" which was cute. Although, my favorite one had to be "Ultimate Peep Show" which only received an honorable mention. I am not sure that the mention should have been honorable, considering that the stripper pole seems to be far more internalized than externalized.

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The Proliferation of Peeps

Colors of Peeps Even though the Internet has proven that my Peeps obsession is right on track with the rest of the world. It is always good to have it proven from another source. ABC News did just that in this broadcast. I just loved the way Charles Gibson has the exact same expression for the Peeps segment as he does for the next segment about Google. I did notice a distinct lack of the blue color (my favorite) of Peep in the story - oh well.

Story snatched from Neatorama

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And the booby prize goes to...

Chestrest Mousepad okay, so no one is actually receiving a booby prize. However, this top ten list definitely makes for a wonderful list of prizes.

Safety for work is very debatable.

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The Peep of Passover

Peep Plague Since I can never seem to resist the urge to post about peeps, take a look at this set of Passover Peeps at flickr

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