"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Sock Monkey Dress

Sock Monkey Dress Too bad I didn't get to go to the Minnesota State Fair this past weekend. They had a definite fashion don't on display. It would have been something else to see this dazzling piece of work live and in person. The sock monkey dress is definitely not meant to be worn by the bashful out into public.

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Lesbian Barbie

Barbie the Lesbian It seems to me that being a lesbian and being a proper lady are not mutually exclusive, but Mattel thinks differently. In this day and age, aren't women allowed to be whatever kind of women they want to be and still be seen as "proper"? What is this world coming to when Barbie can't be seen as gay in public? Personally, it gives me a lot more respect for her - now I might actually be able to see her as a strong role model for young women. Someone who can stand on her own and make her own decisions instead of just worrying about her wardrobe.

From Chaos Theory

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Back in Town

I have been out of town most this week in West Virginia on business. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try out some of my mobile blogging. However, the trip ended up being so busy that I never had a real chance. Between the early morning flights and the all day (and into the night) meetings, I didn't ever have the opportunity to even get more than a draft or two started and then it was on to the next business item. The trip was so busy I didn't even have any time to check on my brother - which I know makes me a terrible sister.

My trip took me to several parts of West Virginia, but the majority was spent in Charleston. I had never been out there before, so it was a nice change of scenery. The weather there was just wonderful (I don't think it got above 90 degrees the whole time I was there). There were actual mountains to look at and drive around on; which is a very nice change from the flatness that is Oklahoma. The trees and grass were green and flowers were actually blooming. Since Oklahoma has been so hot and dry this summer, I had almost forgotten what a blooming flower was.

I must mention that getting through security was not as much of a hassle as I had anticipated. I made sure to read all the TSA restrictions on what can go into a carry-on bag and what must be checked. However, I did forget to remove my shoes the first time through the all-mighty-gate, but the very accomodating TSA agent just sent me back through the remove the offenders and then come back.

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No bitch on the back

This morning proved to be very interesting. Went out motorcycle riding with the love of my life. We each have our own motorcycle (neither of us are inclined to be the bitch on the back very often) and we each drove our own today. We were just tooling along - merrily minding our own business when some jerk-off decided to start honking at us for no apparent reason. Me (being the reasonable soul that I am) sped up and left the idiot in the dust (how would you feel if your little mid-life crisis sports car got smoked by a little blonde girl on a 250cc motorcycle?). My dear sweet lover; however, decided that road rage was the best option and started yelling and gesturing at the sonofabitch. She unfortunately had the disadvantage of being behind the little sporty SOB and he (being the wonderful piece of humanity that he was) decided to slam on his breaks. Everyone survived without incident (no dents, dings, cuts or bruises - just a little less tread left on the tires of her 1500 and a few more grey hair on my head). My question to her after the whole thing: "how's that whole road rage thing working out for you?" her reply: "......." stone cold silence and a look that said it all.

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Brother Update

I spoke with my brother this evening and he is doing better. He is still in the hospital, but he should be released tomorrow. His spirits were up and his sense of humor was completely unaffected by this whole thing. He did manage to point out to me that this was the first time in his life (since his birth) that he has ever had to spend the night in a hospital. He also pointed out that he would rather not ever have to do it again. I must say that I truly have to agree with him.

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Brotherly thoughts

I just wanted to put my best thoughts out there for my brother. I don't think he would want all his personal type of information put out for the world to see. But suffice it to say the routine procedure that they were going to perform ended up being an overnight stay in the hospital. He has had a couple of close calls in his lifetime, and I am sure he will pull through this one just fine.

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Mobile blogging

Sometimes the simple things just seem to elude me and the complex ones seem so simple. Since, I have been limited in my surfing as of late - I have been exploring other options for my blogging activities. I installed Opera Mini on my Palm Treo along with the required j2me stuff to make it work. It has been a lot harder to get it to post than I thought it would. Mostly just stupidly annoying stuff. My whole thought process revolved around the fact that "other people seem to make this stinkin' thing work - why won't it work for me" which didn't end up being too terribly productive. I won't be admitting just how many tries this post took to get posted, but it finally worked [insert joyous applause here].

I have been trying to locate more of the mobile friendly websites out there. I will try to get a list together and post it here for some of the other mobile surfers out there (the maybe one person out of the nine who regularly read my misguided thought processes). My blog doesn't display too badly, but I definitely am going to have to tweak it a bit.

I started this post through a test email message and it seemed to work okay. I didn't get a chance to time it to see how long it took between the time I sent the email until it posted, but I will try and test that out next time.

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Designer Xbox Games

Warning: nice stuff to follow about Microsoft - read at your own risk.....

It seems that Microsoft has finally pulled their heads out of their collective rear ends and allow an easy way for amateur game designers to create their own games. It seems that they think people might want to play more titles than what they offer. Since what they offer doesn't amount to enough for me to want to buy one, this little change of theirs might actually make me consider purchasing an Xbox (mind you - just consider). Although, I would be more interested in creating games than playing them on the Xbox. Maybe this will get those powersuits at Sony thinking about doing something similar, then I can avoid the whole Microsoft dilemma altogether.

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Formula One Headlines

In my trip around the blogosphere this evening, I found a nice little article about how to make great headlines. I read it - then re-read it just for fun. I found some great tips for writing headlines (only Dustbury can come up with them without help). Now all I need is a really great article about what to put after the headline.

There are times that I can come up with more information than I can possibly put into words and other days that I can't put two words together to save my life. In reality, headlines are the least of my worries.

From Simplicity

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OKC Tattoo Convention

Kat Von D The first ever Oklahoma City Tattoo Convention is being held this weekend at the Bricktown Central Plaza. Being the curious kind of person that I am - I just had to go (it also didn't hurt that Kat Von D was rumored to be there and I just love her star spots). I dragged my better half and my best friend to the show as well. It was hot, stuffy, and crowded, but worth the 10 bucks (okay $30 if you count the other two people) it costs to get in to see it all. Kat Von D was there tattooing people like crazy. Her work is just amazing and it was great that no matter which angle you managed to look at her you had a great view of her beauty. She is definitely prettier in real life than on tv. We also were able to catch a glimpse of Lizard Man. He looks a lot like you have seen him elsewhere, but he is much shorter than he appears on tv. I did get a couple of pictures of Kat with my phone (forgot my real camera), but they are not worthy of posting.

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Jeweled headphones

Jeweled Headphones Now these headphones are definitely suitable for use with my iPod. I am not sure at all about their quality, but they sure will set off my earrings.

Found on Fosfor Gadgets

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New resident of cubeville

My new office is part of an interconnected network of, you guessed it, cubes. I have been part of the work-a-day world for quite some time now, but this is the first time I have ever been subjected to a cube farm. I have always managed to avoid it somehow. Being the kind of person that I am - this is not fine with me. Cubes were only meant to house Apple devices and not people. I have a desperate need to make the cube unique. I need to make it look very different from the rest of the cube farm. It will take time and effort, but it will be very individual when I am finished with it. I think I will start by checking out Think Geek and x-tremegeek.com to see if they have anything that will help with my predicament.

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