"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Cleaning Windows

This is a great article on cleaning and tweaking Windows. You know that you need to read this even if you have no intentions of ever doing it (much like cleaning out your closet): Link. Via Simplicity


neologasm: n. the joy of new words

Cute site that gives/explains/defines new words for you that you won't find in the dictionary. My favorite one so far is: katamari meeting. Check out some of the great terms on this site: Link.

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The Genographic Project

dna project The National Geographic has a genetic project that will allow you to "explore your own genetic journey with Dr. Spencer Wells. DNA analysis includes a depiction of your ancient ancestors and an interactive map tracing your genetic lineage around the world and through the ages. Link. Via Kottke.

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Movie Stub Statistics

A very interesting article covering six years of movie going and what statistical results he could pull from it: Link. As seen on Kottke.

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AOL Chair Throne

AOL chair throne I always knew that there was a use (other than filling up landfills) for all those AOL CD's that come in the mail - someone just finally beat me to it: Link.

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Amazing Tiki Fireplace

tiki fireplace Absolutely amazing fireplace that looks just like it came out of an old jungle movie: Link. As found on Neatorama.

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Sketch Swap

Here is a great site to visit to express your inner artist. You draw a sketch (watch out there is no eraser) and submit it. After your sketch is submitted you get to see someone else's sketch along with how they drew it (I got back some very artistic work). Definitely a site worth checking out: Link.

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the mugging of civil liberties

civil liberties mug This ceramic mug makes quite a political statement without you ever having to say a word. Link.

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JPG Magazine

Here is a quote from the magazine as to what it is all about: "JPG Magazine is a new quarterly publication built by and for the great in-between photographers who, like us, photograph our lives for no good reason except that it brings us joy." I think it is an absolutely great idea for this. There are millions of not-quite-professional photographers out there who would love to be published somewhere. Link. Originally found on fresharrival.

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BlogCode and brrreeeport

A very interesting article from Scobleizer says that all the Z list bloggers should put the word brrreeeport in a post on our blog (for fun maybe) and that we should check out the site Blog Code to see where all the blogs relate to each other: Link.

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Happy Valentine's Day

Enjoy all the chocolate and romance that you see fit.....

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One red stapler coming up!

red stapler In case you haven't seen the movie "Office Space" you may not understand what the draw to have a red stapler is from. However, for all those who have seen it and really need a red stapler go here: Link.

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Very revealing watch

This watch is super neat. It is a standard quartz watch, but the way it functions only shows the numbers that you need to look at. Here is the link to it: Link. Link courtesy of Gizmodo.

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Adorable plush virus.................

plush virus Did I really just type adorable plush virus? I guess I did. ThinkGeek has the most adorable stuffed (plush) viruses for sale on their site: Link.

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Incredibly utilitarian Tablebed

A company called inova is selling something called a Tablebed. It looks like a murphy bed, but it also folds out into a table. This is a very practical and space-saving solution: Link. As found on Cribcandy.

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Interesting stuff I saw today....

Are there better ways to learn a new language than the typical way for adults to take a class or listen to audio tapes? The makers of the Rosetts Stone software seem to think that there is a better way through using their software: Link. Found on Slate.

Ernest Pettie is proposing an idea for a tax refund debit card to encourage saving: Link. Interesting article and well worth the read - too bad it (or anything like it) probably will never happen.

When you have USB cufflinks, a keyboard tablecloth, and USB bracelets, what more could you possibly ask for: Link. Found on Digg.

I bought a black RAZR not too long ago at Cingular and I was told that the only way I could get a pink RAZR was if I were to purchase it at T-Mobile - and now that my 30 days is up from purchasing the black phone the pink one is available. Ah well - such is life. Pink RAZRs: Link.

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fun with your furniture

Rubik's Cube game table If you are looking for a fun coffee table in your house, then this is definitely the place to check out: Jellio. My two favorites are the table that looks like a Rubik's Cube and the functional LiteBrite type table. Make sure to check out some of their other stuff Site - I particularly like the "Gumball Time." found via boing boing.

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Apple Billion Songs Count

Apple has a counter running on how many songs have been purchased through the iTunes music store: Link. The album cover waterfall is great to watch.

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the art of math

I have a love/hate relationship with math. I think that it is absolutely fascinating to understand the applications of mathematics, but I absolutely do not have the patience to work out a complex math formula unless I must for some reason. However, one of my all time favorite web sites has to be mathworld where they explain all sorts of great mathematical concepts that teachers never could get to stick in my brain. The reason for this tangent is that I was reading online the other day (not too sure which site it was) about a probability theory called "Benford's Law" that someone had made a flash application to test: Link. Then while I was watching the show NUMB3RS, it mentioned and briefly explained "Benford's Law" once again. I am not sure if there is a mathematical expression to define that string of coincidences or not - but I thought it best to blog about it and let the world figure it out.

Math as Art: Link. This is the Art of Justin Mullins he has taken different mathematical equations and worked them into artistic pieces. He currently is showing in the UK. Found on boing boing.

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Snakes make great pets.....

I have had many pets in my life, but my pet snake is by far the best pet I have ever had. I will start at the beginning. I rescued him from a home where he had been purchased at some earlier point for a child to care for, but he been neglected and abandoned once the novelty of owning a snake had worn off (typical with children and pets). When I brought him home, I didn’t have any intentions of keeping him – just getting him healthy.

At this point I begin my search for a good home where he would be well cared for. Talking to my very extensive network of animal rescuers proved fruitless as no one knew of anyone who would take in a snake. Speaking to the pet shops was worthless since they didn’t really care who they sold the animals to and I did. Then, I started talking to my friends. The reactions that I received from my friends were unsettling. A majority of my friends were under the impression that this animal would kill me in my sleep. A few of my friends thought it was pretty cool and wanted to come and visit him, but they didn’t want to keep him. Others thought that they would not be coming over to visit me at my house for awhile. Not one of them had a solution to my predicament. So I started calling the zoos. The zoos had great information on what to feed him and how to care for him. They did not; however, have any need to take in another reptile, but “thank you very much for calling.” With that last round of phone calls it seemed decided that I was to now own a snake.

I had learned a great deal of information about snakes at this point. The first piece of information was that the snake was a male, ball python (also known as a royal python). As far as snakes go, they are one of the best because the chance of being bit is less than with other snakes. Captive bred ball pythons are very passive reptiles that live anywhere from 20-30 years in captivity. He was about 3 years old - he is now about 13 years old. He is about 4 feet long and eats live rats one to four times a month. I feed him a small rat weekly in the summer and a large rat monthly in the winter and medium rats every other week in the spring and fall. He can be kept in a humid tank with a heat lamp for warmth and a bowl of fresh water to drink. He will shed his skin several times a year and it helps to have a good soak in warm water right around shedding time to help him loosen his old skin. His tank needs to be cleaned after he sheds or poops. You need to wash your hands after handling all reptiles to avoid spreading salmonella. And that’s it. Compared to owning a cat or a dog that is a walk in the park.

When I go on vacation for a week I don’t have to find anyone to check on my snake. I haven’t ever had to take him to the vet since he doesn’t need any shots or check-ups. He doesn’t make noise or keep anyone awake at night. He never has accidents on the carpet. He never gets into the trash. I do my very best to take care of him, but I have made mistakes at his care over the years and he has thrived. My conclusion to all of this is that snakes really do make the best pets. What do you think?

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Completely forgot the Super Bowl

I just realized that the Super Bowl was on earlier today. Sometimes I do really wonder if I live under a rock.

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DIY tea leaves readings

No more paying good money to have someone else read your tea leaves for you: Link.

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Buy Apple!

Here is a story to make you think twice about your next laptop purchase. If you are thinking about buying a PC, you will definitely want to read about how well a Mac can withstand just about anything and survive: Link. My personal experience of Mac vs. PC laptops has been that you can't drop a PC on the ground without suffering damage hard drive failure.

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Wristbands to support bad days

These wristbands will show the world out there that you are having a bad day or a bleak life: Link.

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I have been spending a great deal of my time lately with different friends. It is amazing to see how different and how much the same they really are. Every friend that I have has at least one commonality with another friend (besides me). All of my friends also are very different from each other. Some friends do not get along with other friends and some get along with everyone else just fine. It is just amazing to me that this group of people all get along with me.

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