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iPhone Ringtone Options

Now that Apple has come out with ringtones for my iPhone, I have made a purchase or two of some songs and the accompanying tones. But I still find it to be a little lacking considering the sheer volume of music that I have from my CD collection. So I have been researching some options (whether or not I will actually do any of them is still being mentally debated):
Reminder: I am a Mac user (at least when it comes to my music) - some of these are Mac only options.

And of course the necessary quote from the WIRED article:
"The legality of all this futzing is still being debated. Some say using a song you purchased (either on a CD or online) as a ringtone does not constitute fair use and may be grounds for copyright infringement. So, proceed with caution.

And before you go crazy making a dozen ringtones, we can't help but suggest you consider another ring option: the ever-popular vibrate setting. Like a timeless black suit or little black dress, vibrate is classy, demure and doesn't annoy the hell out of everyone within 20 feet of you.

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