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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Ambitious to say the least

It seems that as technology takes over our lives and we find less and less time for much of anything, someone always manages to find a way to make the rest of us look lazy. Most of what I own is off-the-shelf type of products. I have a great admiration for those people who have the time to make their own useful stuff. I read the MAKE blog and generally find the time to play around with some of the more interesting and non-essential how-to's (if I have some of the components and I promise to not permanently destroy any of the aforementioned off-the-shelf type of products). But this is one thing I have to really admire the effort involved - making your own shoes. Although, I could always make and sell $500 flip-flops.

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The penguin speaks

Penguin Mini-speakers You just can't ask for more adorable speakers than these. These speakers are just perfect for showing the mega-MicroCorp* the bird by plugging in your Apple iPod into Linux** inspired speakers. Gotta luv it!!

*Not their real name.
**I don't know if they are truly Linux inspired, but they remind me of the Linux penguin. Which means it counts well enough for me!

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Superman iPod Case

All the really cool iPods will be wearing these this season:Link.

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Gay Animal Kingdom

Believe her or don't, but Joan Roughgarden has a lot to say on how Darwin got it all wrong when it came to animal sexuality. She wrote a very interesting book called the Evolution's Rainbow giving examples of gay activities in the animal world. She was also interviewed by Seed which of course leads me to this quote from their article:
"After all, Darwin imagined sex as a relatively straightforward transaction. Males compete for females."
Personally, I can't speak for Darwin, but gay, straight or otherwise - sex has NEVER been a straight-forward transaction.

According to the article, Darwin also said:
"Evolutionary success is defined by the quantity of offspring."
Darwin never envisioned Brittney Spears.... if he had of he would have said quality - rather than quantity.

from Simplicity

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OKC Pride 2006

Oklahoma Pride FlagThis weekend June 24th and June 25th is the 19th Annual Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered & Intersex Pride Parade and Festival in Oklahoma City. I was thinking about skipping out on the events this year, but then I read this and I remembered why it is that I go.

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Who's Cookies

Dalek Cookie Jar One way to keep those pesky anti-British tele freaks out of your delicious cookies is to have them guarded by the Daleks. I really like this cookie jar, but it is lacking in that menacing dirtiness that always surrounded these stair-challenged, doomsday spouting aliens. I also think that it should have a raspy, mechanical voice shouting: "You will be exterminated!" every time the jar is opened.

If you have never seen a Dalek before, you might want a little background information on Doctor Who.

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Top 10 Lip Balms

These have got to be the all time greatest lip balms out there. Of course this is just in my very humble opinion. It is also in my order for them - with my very favorite as the Number One lip balm of all time. I am not actually recommending the use of any of them, I just find them highly amusing. I even own a couple of different sticks of a few of these - most remain un-opened in their original packaging.

DIY Lip Balm
10. DIY Lip Balm : Just in case you can't find a combination tube of pomegranate, watermelon, and lychee anywhere else.
Total Bitch Lip Balm
9. Total Bitch Lip Balm: There are definitely days that this is an appropriate choice.
Weight Loss Lip Balm
8. Weight Loss Lip Balm: Eat about 8 tubes a day to lose weight.
Hemp Lip Balm
7. The Merry Hempsters Cinnamon Vegan Hemp Lip Balm: Hemp using treehuggers get chapped lips too.
Pussy Pucker Pots Lip Balm
6. Pussy Pucker Pots (possibly NSFW): Only a lesbian could have come up with the name for this lip balm.
ChopSaver Lip Balm
5. ChopSaver Lip Balm : Muscians swear by this stuff - I just think the name is great.
Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm
4. Spazzstick Caffeinated Lip Balm: This goes on very nicely after a caffeinated soap shower in the mornings.
Chicken Poop Lip Balm
3. Chicken Poop Lip Balm: You just can't make this stuff up.
Twinkies Flavored Lip Balm
2. Twinkies Flavored Lip Balm : It would have been nice if they had of made it out of real Twinkies - who wants just the flavor?
Tick Lip Balm with Topper
1. Tick Lip Balm with Topper: The real kicker for this one being number one - it has its own topper.

This list is inspired by a dear friend of mine with a lip balm addiction. But she is almost hard-core and will only use 100% pure Chap Stick.
I would recommend buying the Speak Out Lip Care Stick to support a good cause.

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Ultimate in Black Paint

Now this would have been the black paint that I would have used to paint my room as a teenager. It is so very utilitarian as well as being black. It is a teenagers dream come true: black walls, chalkboard walls, and magnetic walls all in one. Perfect! Too bad that I no longer have the dream of painting my walls black.

Update: I now have a really good reason to get some of this paint and paint a wall or two with it: Lesbian Fridge Magnets (thanks dustbury). Although, I don't think art like this should just be stuck to the fridge ;-)

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Shoe humidor?

I think I would have called it the Fumidor.... This interesting box gadget, called the shumidor is supposed to keep your shoes fresh "to keep that new shoe feeling longer". Either way you smoke it - shoes are still gonna get ripe.

Via Neatorama

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Unicorn Turds

Everything really is for sale on the Internet (but apparently not eBay). For $10 of your hard earned American dollars (plus shipping) - you too can own cat crap rolled in glitter and covered in epoxy!!!! Mind you this is the Official Unicorn Turds webpage. What I want to know is - who the flip would have an unofficial one?

I almost feel like I need to put up a hot line for people who might even consider spending their money on this. Although, I think if they really wanted to buy something like this - a hotline would not be enough to stop them (now thorazine is another story).

As Seen on Chaos Theory

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Poor turtle

turtle caught in plastic packaging Most all of my life I have cut up the plastic that surrounds the soda in a six-pack. I always wondered if it did any good - now I know that it does. Make sure to check out the video.
Found on Neatorama

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iPod TP dock

iPod toilet paper dock What exactly does a product like this say? "Enjoy your next bout of constipation!" "Here is a great new product to drown out the sound of your vomiting!" I truly understand that there are people who do entire crossword puzzles while sitting on the throne, but would they really want their iPod that close to the toilet? I wouldn't!

Via Boing Boing and Popgadget.

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rendr 2

A tool for html and css that renders as you type. It really seems to work well. I tried it out for about 15 minutes and I was pleasantly surprised at the quick response to changes.

rendr 2

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Squirrely knits

Recently I have seen some posts (at least on MAKE) that involved Knit Taggin' and The Tree Sweater. There seem to be quite the abundance of little old ladies out there thinking that the world is a little too cold and that everything needs to "Go and put your sweater on Dear." Okay, they are not really little old ladies, but that is still the image that comes to mind with knitting - I have really got to work on my stereo-typing :-)

But I think that this is finally taking it a little too far:
Squirrel in Sweater
from Cute Overload.

Side note: As of this past Friday - I have learned the very, very basics of how to knit. I am going to try and make a shawl for a worthy palliative care organization that gives shawls to patients in hospice. So far I have ripped it out three times and started over. I now have a lot more respect for those who can actually knit rather than tie knots in yarn with very large chopsticks.

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Dog Helmets

Dog Helmet I saw these dog helmets today on Neatorama and I think I just might have to get one or two for my dogs. I think they would just love to ride on the back of my motorcycle. They really hate it when I leave them alone for hours and hours while I go riding with friends - this way they could go with me.

They also carry "doggles" or goggles for dogs.

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Inflatable Outdoor Theater

Inflatable Outdoor Theater Just so you don't have to miss a minute of television while you are spending time in the great outdoors, comes the inflatable outdoor theater.

Via Luxist

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Chow's on

Monkey ChowThis guy is either insane or ... nope, that's it he is just insane. He is only eating monkey chow for an entire week. I don't know what is in monkey chow or how healthy it would actually be for humans, but I don't think even knowing those two facts would make me want to eat it for every meal even for a day. I did think that it was pretty amusing that some people have been telling him that he needs to try it out for 30 days: Link.

Via Neatorama

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Real Cash Moola

Use someone else's penny to make millions on the Internet on a site called Moola. If you would like to read more actual information about the site than what they have on their website, check out their blog. They also give referral bonuses for sending people over to them. I think the concept of this website is just great. The advertisers are footing the bill for people to play the games, and the people get to win the money. Of course this means that you have to watch a few ads, but that is a small price to pay. The games do require a little bit of strategy, so you have a little better odds than playing the lottery. I think I will be signing up for it to play a few games and maybe win a couple of bucks.

Via FreshArrival

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Business as un-usual

I found some awesome information about different entrepreneurs making money in unusual ways on this blog. The stories are about men and women selling pretty much everything under the sun: junk, cell phones, pickles, sun glasses, and toothbrushes. The premise of the site is:
"Uncommon Business is a blog about people who make money online selling unusual, strange and sometimes bizarre things or provide curious services. This isn’t “One Hundred And One Ideas For Your Homebased Business” – only real, working businesses with URLs provided, so you can do further investigation on your own. And if you do own an unusual web business, make sure you submit your story to us."
I spent a lot of my day just reading some of these stories.

I found out about this website from Simplicity.

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alcohol brain fuel

I think I need to take this study as reported in the Daily News Central to my boss at work as proof that I should be able to drink at work. The gist of the study is this:
A study of 7,000 older US women found that those who drink a moderate amount of alcohol have slightly higher levels of mental function than non-drinkers.
Or I will just start having a two-martini lunch.

From feministing

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Apple Cat Toy

This has got to be one of the scariest, funniest animal video clips I have ever seen. The kitten in this little video is absolutely adorable, but your heart will still stop briefly when you see what the cat does to the toy: Link.

From Metafilter

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The Vagina Monologues

I just thought it was important to share my thoughts about The Vagina Monologues. I have been to see the play on two different occasions - with two completely different experiences. The first time I went to the play in Midwest City, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. The second time that I saw the play was for V-Day in Tulsa - performed by Eve Ensler. It made me angry at all the violence in the world - especially that against women. I watched it on HBO and it made me cry about all the atrocities to women in this world. I know that every time I see the Vagina Monologues I have a completely different experience. I watched it another time on cable and felt arousal. The whole experience is fulfilling in its own way because of the emotional roller-coaster that I go through as I watch it.

It is an experience of emotional exposure. All the womanly emotions are laid out bare and raw for the world to know more intimately than they would otherwise. Woman may talk about their feelings more than men, but women do not generally expose this much of their vulnerabilities to anyone - ever.

I have seen the play at least four times now, but I have yet to read the book. I wonder how reading it all in black and white will make me feel?

From an Editorial Review on Amazon.com:
"I say vagina because I want people to respond," says playwright Eve Ensler, creator of the hilarious, disturbing soliloquies in The Vagina Monologues, a book based on her one-woman play. And respond they do--with horror, anger, censure, and sparks of wonder and pleasure. Ensler is on a fervent mission to elevate and celebrate this much mumbled-about body part. She asked hundreds of women of all ages a series of questions about their vaginas (What do you call it? How would you dress it?) that prompt some wondrous answers. Standouts among the euphemisms are tamale, split knish, choochi snorcher, Gladys Siegelman--Gladys Siegelman?--and, of course, that old standby "down there." "Down there?" asks a composite character springing from several older women. "I haven't been down there since 1953. No, it had nothing to do with [American president] Eisenhower." Two of the most powerful pieces include a jagged poem stitched together from the memories of a Bosnian woman raped by soldiers and an American woman sexually abused as a child who reclaims her vagina as a place of wild joy.
The Vagina Monologues have evolved over time and now support the V-Day Organization. V-Day is a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.

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Conservatives make you gay

While I lean very definitely to the side of nature in the nature vs. nurture arguement of why someone is gay and someone else is straight, I couldn't help but find some truth in the Sacramento News and Review:
"Yep, being conservative makes your kids gay. Obviously, there’s something about the up-close, day-to-day inner workings of the so-called traditional family that leads its brighter children to say, “Oh, no thank you! None of that for me.” If anything, advocates of heterosexuality ought to be begging gays and lesbians to adopt children just to make sure they turn out straight!"

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