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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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No bitch on the back

This morning proved to be very interesting. Went out motorcycle riding with the love of my life. We each have our own motorcycle (neither of us are inclined to be the bitch on the back very often) and we each drove our own today. We were just tooling along - merrily minding our own business when some jerk-off decided to start honking at us for no apparent reason. Me (being the reasonable soul that I am) sped up and left the idiot in the dust (how would you feel if your little mid-life crisis sports car got smoked by a little blonde girl on a 250cc motorcycle?). My dear sweet lover; however, decided that road rage was the best option and started yelling and gesturing at the sonofabitch. She unfortunately had the disadvantage of being behind the little sporty SOB and he (being the wonderful piece of humanity that he was) decided to slam on his breaks. Everyone survived without incident (no dents, dings, cuts or bruises - just a little less tread left on the tires of her 1500 and a few more grey hair on my head). My question to her after the whole thing: "how's that whole road rage thing working out for you?" her reply: "......." stone cold silence and a look that said it all.

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Comments on "No bitch on the back"


Blogger CGHill said ... (8/20/2006 9:48 AM) : 

"...some jerk-off decided to start honking at us for no apparent reason."

He's a jerk-off. That's why. People who aren't jerk-offs don't do that sort of thing.


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