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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Designer Xbox Games

Warning: nice stuff to follow about Microsoft - read at your own risk.....

It seems that Microsoft has finally pulled their heads out of their collective rear ends and allow an easy way for amateur game designers to create their own games. It seems that they think people might want to play more titles than what they offer. Since what they offer doesn't amount to enough for me to want to buy one, this little change of theirs might actually make me consider purchasing an Xbox (mind you - just consider). Although, I would be more interested in creating games than playing them on the Xbox. Maybe this will get those powersuits at Sony thinking about doing something similar, then I can avoid the whole Microsoft dilemma altogether.

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