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3 AA batteries required

I must admit that my thoughts after reading the first line of this post did not take me in the same direction as the remainder of the lines in the post. Just so you can see what I am talking about here is the first line:
"I go through AA batteries like teenagers go through refrigerators: at high speed, with little if any regard for the potential expense."
My first thought took me in the direction of a recent conversation with a friend:

Friend: "If anything ever happens to me, I want you to go to my house and remove something for me."
Me: puzzled look "Like what?"
Friend: "Just a box."
Me: "Okay, what box?"
Friend: "It's just a wicker box, about shoebox size, that I have under my bed."
Me: "What do I do with the box after I remove it?"
Friend: "Take it out from under the bed and throw it away - DO NOT open it"
Me: "Why would YOU need ME to remove a box only to throw it away? What the hell is it?"
Friend: sheepish grin "Well, I just don't want anyone else to see and I trust you not to open it."
Me: "Thanks for the vote of confidence, but you still haven't told me what is in it..."
Friend: looks away "Well, it's personal - and I definitely don't want ANYONE to see what is is in it."
Me: knowing grin "...so you're not going to tell me - you know I will have to assume the worst - like that maybe it contains body parts or old love letters. Most likely I will assume that what lives in the box likes it dark and you only feed it batteries." knowing look in her direction
Friend: silence
Me: snickering ... more snickering ...okay, okay, I will do it. But you have to promise me something.
Friend: "Like what?"
Me: "That you'll do the same thing for me."
Friend: relieved look "No problem."
Me: smile "There is one thing though."
Friend: puzzled look "What is it?"
Me: big smile "Mine is considerably larger than a shoebox..."

Which takes me back to the need for batteries... Between all my electronic gadgets that require batteries and all those "personal massagers" - I have the need to purchase my batteries in bulk.

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Comments on "3 AA batteries required"


Anonymous CGHill said ... (9/09/2007 11:39 AM) : 

There aren't enough AC adapters in the world, I'm starting to believe.


Blogger Belhoste said ... (9/10/2007 9:16 AM) : 

I believe you are right...


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