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Art in Oklahoma

Since tonight was the first OU game of the season, we decided it was better spent outside of Norman. We called a few friends and decided to head out of town (as far away from the traffic and noise of the game as possible). You see, we live close enough to the stadium to be able to hear just about everything that goes on at the game.

Spent a wonderful evening at the Arts Festival Oklahoma. The weather was just perfect for viewing all the artists. We wandered around all the tents soaking up some local and not so local art talent. It is great to go to this festival since all the artists are present. You can speak with them and ask all sorts of questions about their art or where they came from (and more).

All types of artists were well represented this year. I especially liked the art of Brad W. Foster. His "The Giggling Dragon" graphic was just adorable. I was completlely fascinated by his "The Athenaeum" - it was a library that just went on for days and the details in it were amazing. And I just loved "Eve". The graphic of "Lady and the Tiger" seemed to be a bit different than the rest of his work, but it was just as amazing. One of the best things about his work was that each one had its own story.

The other artist that had some amazing detail in her work was Kim Laird. Her painting of "Mother" was extremely well done. The unexpected details in the eyes of the cat just drew you in to the painting. I also loved the painting of "Sophia". The face is wonderful and the peacock feathers are very detailed. Her work was very colorful and just made you want to look and look and look. I spent a long time just staring at her paintings trying to find all the details.

Side-note: Since living in Norman, OK means always hearing about football (no matter how hard you try not to), the score was Sooners 79; North Texas 10.

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