"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Alive and kicking

I am just now beginning to recover from the effects of starting a new job. Because of the nice, cushy, safe job that I have been in for the past two years (safe was a big job requirement after being subject to a RIF), I had forgotten that some companies actually wanted you to work for a living. While I won't be mentioning anything about work on here (other than the fact that I do work)for fear of being dooced, I will say that for now I am much happier having a job that means something in the grand scheme of things than having a job as a "just-in'case" employee.

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