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1002 Uses for Red Paperclips

One Red Paperclip One red paperclip is finally traded for one house. The journey for Kyle MacDonald started with no money and a red paperclip it "ends" with a housel. CBC News has an article on him in Friday's paper: Link. From the article:
MacDonald said: "There's people all over the world that are saying that they have paper-clips clipped to the top of their computer, or on their desk or on their shirt, and it proves that anything is possible and I think to a certain degree it's true."

MacDonald, who has attracted international media in his quest, said the journey has turned out to be more exciting than the goal.

"This is not the end. This may be the end of this segment of the story, but this story will go on. "
Overall, it is pretty inspirational.

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Comments on "1002 Uses for Red Paperclips"


Anonymous Garion said ... (7/10/2006 9:16 PM) : 

This is an awesome story. Fortunately, for people who would like to do the same sort of thing without going to all the trouble of setting up and maintaining their own blog and what not, there's already a website that will let you do this sort of stuff.

It may or may not be what you're looking for, but could be usefull:


Blogger Belhoste said ... (7/11/2006 9:21 PM) : 

Cool site - thanks for the tip!


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