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A reason for shielding

Not too long ago I mentioned that I had purchased a motorcycle to save on gas. I have been wanting to get one for awhile now and the gas prices were just the incentives that I needed. Now that I am a motorcycle owner, I have been reading a little more about it in the blogging world. When I came across these two little gems of information about windshields for motorcycles. The first blogger mentions that he doesn't have a shield for his bike and doesn't really see the need, but still somehow manages to talk me into buying one anyway. The second blogger outlines why he decided to obtain a shield for his bike.

By the way - I just looooove my new bike and have spent every spare minute riding it. Although the weather has not been entirely cooperative in my desire to ride, I have still managed to get in at least 7 nights of riding since we brought the bike home. I am going to class this weekend to learn how to ride, help get my motorcycle endorsement by getting the MSF certificate first, and ultimately save money on my insurance.

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Anonymous Steve Johnson said ... (5/05/2006 12:46 PM) : 

Congrats on the new bike. I'm sure you'll come to love riding, and it'll become more than just an economy commuter. I have to admit though, I've been riding more often these days in cases where I would've just caged it before. Great gas mileage, and lots of fun, what a deal!


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