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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Poor Ol' Charlie

I was catching up on my reading today and happened across this bit of sentiment over at dustbury:
"One of the songs I dearly loved as a kid — still have a Capitol 45 of it, in fact — is the Kingston Trio's "M.T.A.", recorded in 1959"

As a child I listened to The Kingston Trio's Greatest Hits on record until it suffered a tragic accident with the dryer (foul play was never proven). My childhood obsession with the Kingston Trio didn't stop when vinyl went scarce. I bought a copy of it on tape, then I bought it again (one of very few albums that I felt worthy enough to actually purchase again) on CD. The only version I didn't own at one point or another was the 8-track version (although at one point I did hunt for it).

There are times I do miss the crackle and hiss when listening to the "Where Have All The Flowers Gone." The background noise from the record gave it such a haunting sound that gave me chills and occasionally brought tears to my eyes.

There is one question that has always bothered me about Charlie on that train: If his wife could hand him a sandwich on the train every day - why couldn't she give him the money to get off the train?

Hats off to you Chaz, thanks for the
trip down memory lane and if anyone would
appreciate this particular tangent
- it would be you.

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Comments on "Poor Ol' Charlie"


Blogger CGHill said ... (5/01/2006 9:00 PM) : 

I don't think they ever answered that question adequately. Maybe she might have dropped the nickel, since it's kinda small; a sandwich gives you more to hold on to.

And anyway, Scollay Square was torn down in the 1960s and replaced with something called "Government Center." They'd probably have thrown Mrs. Charlie out of there had she shown up with a grinder (which we would call a "sub," and not the sort that seeks a domme, either).


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