"You cannot depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus." —Mark Twain

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The hardest question for me to answer in this world is always the "Tell us all about you" question. The best way for me to answer is that "I am composed of contradictions and subject to change without notice."

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Clothing optional

The Thrill of The Chaste I wonder if anyone has pointed out to Dawn Eden that the cover art for her soon to be released book The Thrill of The Chaste of which she is "so happy and excited" about is full of sexual connotations.

Case in point:
  • The multiple phallic symbols from the buildings below that are pointing towards the young woman on the cover - indicating multiple partners.
  • The ever so slightly open lips of the woman indicating the first stages of arousal.
  • The androgynous, open mouthed figure behind and slightly below her indicating a willing and available partner.
  • The absense of eyes would also suggest the acceptance of anonymous sex.

I think it is wonderfully ironic that a "chaste" book is so full of the promise of sex on the cover. Which of course means that I will just have to read it.

from Dustbury

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