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Bourne again

Went to see the Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon. This is the third Bourne movie. The first was The Bourne Identity and the second was the The Bourne Supremacy. The story line was as great as the previous movies. The acting was the same quality as the two other movies. The characters were mostly believable (it is hard to get characterization going right in an action flick). The biggest drawback to the whole movie was the camera work. I think I could have done better. The camera was all over the place - it was like they shot the whole thing from a moving automobile without any shocks/struts/properly inflated tires. The man behind me commented that he was starting to get "dizzy" while watching it. As if the dizzying camera work weren't enough, they added cheesy B-movie sound effects to the mix. I swear I heard some of the same sounds from this movie in The Andromeda Strain (which I watched a couple of weeks ago - one of my favorites).

After watching this movie I want to meet the director and ask what the hell were you thinking?

I did love seeing the product placement for Vespa. The scooter "chase" was the best part.

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