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Use #1001 for Cling Wrap

plastic cloneMake your own cling wrap clone. If you were ever wondering what to do with that industrial size box of cling wrap that you purchased 10 years ago at the discount warehouse store, now you know.

A small word of warning on this that doesn't come into play until at least step three:
"Now is a good time to mention that ventilation will become important, as the packing tape gives off a lot of fumes for some reason. It's also a good time to point out that the sound of unrolling packing tape in large quantities such as this can be very obnoxious."
I would have loved to see the video of this guy trying to wrap himself in this stuff without assistance - that would have been great.

The idea for these came from Mark Jenkins: Tape Sculpture and Street Installation which are way cool and very creative.

Update (Apr. 2006): It looks like Storker took it to heart that I would love to see a video of someone doing some of this and made a video of how he wraps his head here. However, now that I have seen it, I am not sure that I want to see anymore. It looks like you could end up suffocating before it was all said and done.

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